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Supplementary Products

Here you find all your additional needs, to continue to provide your... 

  • Educational

    Discover the alphabet, cursive writing and numbers with your little one.

  • Posture Corrector

    Enhance writing skills and give your child the best start from the get go. No more wonky grips that are hard to fix later!

  • Reuse

    Our Magic Groove Calligraphy ink disappears in minutes. Making it reusable over and over again!

  • Cost Effective

    Opting for resuable copybooks not only helps the environment but also proves to be a cost-effective choice in the long run.

  • Fun

    Discover the art of writing through a fun and rewarding journey.

  • Raisa B.

    This product is amazing! It truly works. My son used to hold the pen in a fist to write. I only used it twice and unfortunately we lost the hand position corrector, but he is still using the correct posture after such a short time using the product!! I will be purchasing a replacement. Well worth every penny!!!!

  • Janice P.

    Got my ultimate bundle - I am so pleased with it! It is a gift for my grandson cannot wait for him to start using it!!

  • Russel L.

    Not exactly the calligraphy yet! However, my 3 year old is enjoying the tablet very much. It keeps her occupied while she doodles to her hearts content! No need to worry about writing on tables/furniture etc. Just great!!

  • Matthew D.

    After returning home from school, my child spent some time using it. While he engages with it, he enjoys the experience as the ink vanishes, which he finds truly magical!

  • Laura S.

    I highly recommend this product for parents with preschool-aged children. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by it! The set includes four incredible books, a pen with refill inks that work like magic – they disappear over time, allowing you to reuse the books again and again. Additionally, the rubber fish grip included is fantastic for helping children practice their tripod grip skills.

  • Susan H.

    My 3-year-old son adores these! They're an excellent tool for teaching him spelling and enhancing his fine motor skills. I truly appreciate how the writing vanishes, allowing him to reuse it repeatedly. I am extremely pleased with this product; it kept him happily engaged for at least an hour each time. I wholeheartedly give it a 10/10 rating and would definitely recommend it.